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Sheriff Mike Hale - Jefferson County, Alabama

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where may I file a police report?
If you have an emergency please call 911. To report a crime that has already occured that is a non-emergency please call 325-1450. A Deputy will be dispatched to your location.

Can Deputy Sheriff's make traffic stops within city limits?
Yes. Deputies have jurisdiction throughout Jefferson County.

Is there a "Leash Law" in Jefferson County?
Yes. You may report violations of this law to the Sheriff's Department at 325-1450.

Who do I call to find out the status of my case after a Patrol Deputy has taken the initial report?
Normally, Felony reports are assigned to a detective.  In the Birmingham District you may check on the status of your case by calling 731-2815.  In the Bessemer District you may call 481-4210.  Misdemeanor cases are normally assigned back to the Patrol Deputy and you may contact him/her at the number the Deputy provided on the business card given to you at the time the report was taken.

Where do I pay for a traffic ticket given to me by a deputy?
First, be sure that the traffic ticket was issued by a Deputy Sheriff.  City police departments have their own procedures and location for paying them.  Tickets issued by Deputy Sheriff personnel may be paid at: Melvin Bailey Justice Center, 801 Richard Arrington Boulevard, Room 506, Birmingham, AL 35203, 8:00AM - 5:00PM, Phone 325-5309

How do I obtain the release of a vehicle impounded by the Sheriff's Office?
A release for a vehicle impounded by the Sheriff's may be obtained during normal business hours at the Sheriff's Downtown Headquarters or at any Sheriff's substation.  Vehicles may be released only to the registered owner or their designated representative.  Documents required at the time of the release are title or tag receipt and a current driver's license.

How do I obtain a copy of a report I filed with the Sheriff's Office?
Reports may be obtained during normal business hours, normally 8:30 A.M. - 4:30 P.M., at the Sheriff's Headquarters Building or any Sheriff's sub-station. Traffic accident reports cost $3.00 however; Incident/Offense Reprots are free to crime vicitims. Arrangements may be made to have reports faxed to areas outside Jefferson County by calling (205)325-5901 during normal business hours.

When do seat belts have to be worn?
Code of Alabama, Title 32-5B-4, requires each front seat occupant of a vehicle manugactured with safety belts to have a satety belt fastened at any time the vehicle is in motion. Special exceptions to the law apply to children required to be in child safety seats, rural mail carriers, newspaper delivery, vehicles manufactured before 1965, or id in possession of a written statement from a licensed physician authorizing non-seat belt use.

What is the law governing dogs running at large in unicorporated Jefferson County?
Code of Alabama, Title 3-1-5, states that dogs must be confined to their owners premises, or premises where they are normally kept. However, dogs may accompany the owner, or other person elsewhere if the dog remains under the owner/person's control. Generally, this means on a leash.

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